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Last night, my wife and I decided that to celebrate the first frost of the fall, we should go get something warm and filling for dinner. On our way to Cinnamon's Deli, another great restaurant we love, we saw the new restaurant Cafe Maurice, a few spots down. It has a mix of French and Mediterranean cuisine, which is very interesting. 

I had heard a few good things from people I know, so we thought to give it a shot. I had also heard that there was a N&J connection, another favorite Middle Eastern restaurant of mine. 

Overall the Cafe Maurice review gets an outstanding restaurant review. We loved it. Here's why: it was clean, well priced, you are immediately served food when you sit down (big factor in our family) and free dessert! - We will get to that later. 
First of all, they bring out pita chips to nibble on while you are deciding on your dinner choice. This is great for hungry people or families who need things to keep the kids entertained. 

My wife ordered the special, which was Beef and Spinach served over rice. (pictured below) It was such a perfect cold weather soup-like meal that really hit the spot. A hearty and rich dish with pieces of meat and the Lebanese taste of grape leaves with a hint of cinnamon. Also very much like the St. George's Lebanese dinner. The special was a great price too, only $10. 
 I got the Hummus Shawarma with Chicken. Pretty much you take a Chicken Shawarma and it's deconstructed on top of a bed of hummus = awesome. What's cool about this one, is that they serve it with roasted red peppers in the dish. I have never had that before but it was a great addition. Coming in at another good price point, the Hummus Shawarma with Chicken was only $8.
The best part about this restaurant? They bring you free Tiramisu for dessert. Not just one for the table and everyone gets a tiny spoon to share, but one per person! 
Cafe Maurice is a great restaurant to check out if you haven't already. With a free appetizer and dessert and reasonably priced tasty entrees, it's unheard of! Let me know what you think. 

Do you have a restaurant that you would like me to try and review? Leave a comment below or contact me! 

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