I've Gotta Guy

One of my favorite things to do is connect people. I am often asked for a recommendation for home services. My response has always been “I’ve gotta guy for that.”

Generally speaking these guys have treated me very well in the past, and if you say you’re a friend of mine, they will treat you as well as they have treated me. So be sure to tell them Jake sent you!

Have someone you would recommend? Feel free to share in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

Countertop Guys

Green Refinishing
This is my guy for countertops. He uses a water based product (green) to re-finish your laminate or tile counter tops and back splashes. He can do bathtubs, shower pans, shower walls, bathroom sinks and more. Joe will take your outdated look and transform into something modern and nice fo' cheap. I used him in my home and I recommend him to all my peeps.

Carpet Guys

Element Restoration
These guys are fast, affordable, and really cool. They can remove the smell of smoke, mold, water damage and other mess ups. They can do a lot more, but I don't wanna talk about it. Did you know you need to clean dryer exhaust duct? - I didn't even realize you are supposed to do this, but they can take care of you and your duct. They can do a lot more... Ask for Cody.

Hortons Carpet
I love the smell of new carpet in the morning, it smells like... victory. Really, new carpet can make or break your house. Be nice to your feet. Ask for Jesse at Hortons Carpet East.

Hardwood Flooring Guys

Guy Great American Hardware Flooring
These guys are the best in the business for hardwood floors. Trust me, they will take excellent care of you. Your floors can really make your house look great or busted. If you just bought or you are about to sell, make sure your hardwood floors look correct. Contact Jeff Bally.

Roofing Guys

Rhoden Roofing
Your roof covers your house, but you already know that. If something happened to the cover of my house, the only people I would want climbing around up there is Rhoden Roofing. Contact John.

Plumbing Guys

L. A. Plumbing
These are very nice guys and easy to work with. They were a recommendation from a customer who was very pleased.

Lyday Plumbing
"If you don't have Lyday Plumbing on your list, you should. On-time, courteous, professional, fast, and even suggests preventative maintenance remedies. Can't speak highly enough of them." This is what one of my friends says; I trust her.

Lawn Service Guys

Guy Ryan Lawn and Tree
You may warn your lawn about the red trucks coming down the street, it's Ryan Lawn and Tree coming to take care of bizness. Lawn care and customer service do not always go hand in hand, but with these guys it is one in the same. Very personable, firm handshakes, big smiles, and bigger results. They will do it all lawn care, sprinkler service and tree work. Heed the warning, they will kick your grass (green).

Window Guys

Eric Hays
Dang windows are expensive, don't call a huge company. Call my guy Eric Hays, he will come out and measure your windows and then you can go order them from Home Depot or Lowes and let him install them for around a $100 per window. Word. Jake just saved you a couple hundred dollars per. You know it's a good deal when the guy doesn't even have a facebook or a website. Eric also does finish carpentry; he's just generally good to have around.

Floor Cleaning Guys 

Oreck of Wichita 
Because you walk on it every day, be sure and keep your floors clean. The best place I know to do that is the Oreck Clean Home Center. Not just vacuums, but steamers, wood-floor cleaners, air cleaners, etc. So fresh and so clean. For the Ask for Steve or Aaron.

Fence Guys

Heritage Fence and Deck
It's not a backyard without a fence. Close in your dirt and grass with yard art by Heritage Fence and Deck. Decks, fences, and repair, ask for Derek DeWerff. No website or Facebook, you wouldn't have found them without me. You're welcome.

Home Inspection Guys

Quality Home Inspectors
Home inspections can make or break a deal. It is important that you go with somebody that is thorough and honest. Francis Silveria is obnoxiously thorough and brutally honest. I recommend him for pre-home inspections, when you are listing your home and to buyers when you are purchasing your home.

Dick Hartwell 
Older homes often require a structural engineer's report. For the price, you can't beat Dick Hartwell.

Moving Guys 

Mighty Movers
Everyday their hustlin. Seriously, I've seen it with my own two eyes. The other day they were running from the truck to the house and back. I offered my cape, but they didn't need it. Your friends say they want to help you move, but they really don't.

Painting Guys

Elmer Lopez 
Definitely the painter that I would did use on my own home, he does a great job at a great price. He even does the little things without being asked or you having to point out. Not only is he a master with the brush, but he's handy to have around for other odd jobs.

Electrician Guys 

Raceway Electric Co.
These guys are very honest and straight forward. They have done great work for me in the past, and have helped me and my clients save lots of money. Ask for Casey.

Interior Design Gal 

Lauren Johnson Interiors
Don't even mess with trying to decorate your own house, cause I bet your not as good as her. Little known fact, a great Interior Designer will actually save you time and money. Let an expert take a crack at it.

Chimney Service Guys 

Flue Bird
Mary Poppins isn't the only one who needs a Chimney Sweep. If you mix brick, mortar, and fire in your house you may too. Top to bottom, I find their service to be superior. They have even gone high tech with cameras and such. I'd like to see Dick Van Dyke do that.

Insurance Guys 

You've got to get insurance on your house, these are the guys that I would call first.
Steve Pickard (Pickard Insurance) 316-685-1752
John Green (American Family) 316-652-7100
Ernie Ruelas (State Farm) 316-682-2300

Bug Guys

Bug Stoppers
Don't be buggin. And if you are call Bug Stoppers if nothing else, his ringback is the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and that's cool. Ask for Les.

Tree Guy Guys

Tree Service
Bob Guy is a recommendation from a customer that I trust. He is really good, honest and fair and he will match competitors quotes. Many years of experience.

Home Cleaning Gal

Home-Maid Inc.
Keep it clean, and if you don't... call Home-Maid and ask for Kandi.

Brick Guys

M&M Masonry
They can huff and puff and they wont blow your house down... but if they do, call M&M Masonry to put it back together (brick, block or stone) and ask for Brian.

Shutter Gal

Janie Chisholm Designs
Custom shutters, blinds and window coverings. She's awesome.


Jack said...

One thing to check on when selling/buying a home is the air ducts. If you don't do some air duct cleaning then they can get really plugged up and things like clothes dryers won't work.

Lynne Penner said...

I need the name of a good handyman. Someone that can do general fix-ups as well as remove and replace bad siding and then repaint!

Jake Ramstack said...

Thanks for looking, I hope that helped. Talk to you soon.

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