Superman wasn’t just a guy in a cape and tights, he was a problem solver. It is my own love for problem solving that led me to my career in real estate.

People thought I was crazy for jumping into real estate in the worst market and economy I have seen in my lifetime, but I saw things differently. I saw an opportunity to solve problems. I have always loved houses, real estate, and finding solutions to people’s home buying/selling needs. Real estate is a career that allows me to do all the things that I love and I’m excited to go to work everyday.

So if you clicked this link, your probably wanting to sell a house...

Here’s a few reasons to use me as your realtor: 

I do more than just list houses, I sell them.

I believe in using every thing at my disposal to sell your house. The internet is a huge part of that including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

People don’t just want pictures anymore, they want video. I like to create a walking video tour of houses allowing potential buyers to experience a home before even stepping in. See an example here.

I don’t just want to sell your house for market value but for above market value, and quickly.

Click here to view the homes I am currently listing.

You can contact me at or 316-841-3814 to start the process of getting your house sold!
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