Superman wasn’t just a guy in a cape and tights, he was a problem solver. It is my own love for problem solving that led me to my career in real estate.

People thought I was crazy for jumping into real estate in the worst market and economy I have seen in my lifetime, but I saw things differently. I saw an opportunity to solve problems. I have always loved houses, real estate, and finding solutions to people’s home buying/selling needs. Real estate is a career that allows me to do all the things that I love and I’m excited to go to work everyday.

So if you clicked this link, your probably wanting to buy a house...

Here’s a few reasons to use me as your realtor:

I am from this area, with a ton of knowledge about the Wichita community. You can visit the Block Party to start learning about specific Wichita neighborhoods now.

I consider myself an expert when it comes to the Wichita real estate market, to learn more now, check out my Youtube Channel. Market Recovery in Wichita, Get off the Fence, and Get You a Realtor are some great videos to start with!

I can take you through the entire process of buying a house, from getting a lender to negotiating a price for the best deal. And all while saving you time. My buying process is quick, easy and a lot of fun!

While your searching, I can set you up with your own personal website that you can browse as often as you like! This free website will search the specific criteria and houses you want to see. If you don't like what you see, delete the listing and it won't show up again. This website will also provide information on market analysis and mortgage information.

Click here to check out the homes I am currently listing.

Email me at or call 316-841-3814  and let’s find you the perfect home!
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