Lunch @ The Anchor

The other day I visited The Anchor for lunch, a crazy restaurant located on Douglas next to Hell Bomb Tattoo, and across from Quik Trip.

Cool inside with exposed brick walls and coffered ceilings.
They have anchor symbols everywhere, this one etched into the bar top.

Almost every beer known is available at The Anchor.
On the big chalk boards they write all the specials and beers on tap.

Schane, the owner, brought over their most popular new item... Truffle Fries...

These are out of this world. They come with shaved pecorino on top and garlic aioli to dip.
They are rich and wonderful. Great to share as an appetizer, becuase everyone will want some. 

Next up, the famous Bratwurst Burger. This is also a new item on the menu. They hand-make their brats in-house, and this burger is insane. Loaded with balsamic vinegar soaked onions, onion and apple relish and gobs of Munster cheese. 
Finished with a buttered pretzel bun, it makes this burger extraordinary.

Serve with house-made potato chips or sweet-potato fries. If you are a fan of sweet potato fries, The Anchor has the best.

Heads up: I hear from a little birdie,  that there's a dynamite menu coming out soon... There has even been chatter about experimenting with French Toast Bread Pudding and adding more veggie sandwiches.
Stay tuned and make sure to visit The Anchor downtown. It's the perfect place to hit up for lunch, or before an event downtown at night. Everyone loves the anchor, you will see a mixed group of people in everything from sport coats to leather coats. 

Sometimes they have live music on the weekends, which makes it a fun evening downtown, without messing with the hassle of "downtown". They have some of the best beers, better selection than anyone else in town. Be sure to go early on the nights that there is an event at the Arena, because it is the place to go before an event. A great location in the heart of Wichita. 

My personal favorite is called "The Haystack" - an open faced burger, piled with hand cut fries and smothered in queso. I'm embarassed to say this is my favorite, but it's so amazing you can't lie. Another good option is the "Fat Kid" - a burger topped with a fried egg served with a side of mayo. Even their grilled cheese sandwich is taken to the next level, with Somerset Beer Cheddar, Fontina and creamy Havarti. 

With the new General Manager, they are excited to announce a new menu, so follow The Anchor on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all the new menu happenings. 

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Anonymous said...


Thank you very much for your kind review. I'm so glad you enjoyed your meal
with us! The truffle fries are truly delicious and I'm glad you enjoyed them
as well as the Bratwurst burger. I'm also glad you're looking forward to the
new menu! We truly appreciate your recommendation and would love to welcome
you back again any time.

I've really enjoyed reading your other blogs and posts about other
restaurants and have heard that they themselves enjoy the reviews! Looks
like your happy and doing what you love, everyone should be so lucky!

Schane Gross, Owner

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