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If you venture past downtown, over the river you will find the Delano District.  Its a quaint little part of Wichita that is truly up and coming. If you want a great pizza slice head to Picasso's Pizzeria.  Welcome to Picasso's Pizzeria

Picasso's is located at 621W Douglas Avenue in the Delano District of Wichita.  It is located in the row of stores and restaurants between the round about and Oak Street.  There is also a Picasso's Pizzeria located at 620 N. Rock Road in Derby.  My visit to grab a slice was in Delano.
Left Photo Source:  Google  Right Photo Source:  Picasso's Pizzeria
Picasso's is a locally owned and run pizzeria that specializes in New York Style thin crust pizza.  The common order is a piece of pizza by the slice.  Believe me, a slice is enough.    You walk in the door and you immediately feel in your in a fun place.

Its an "order up" style of pizza place with an industrial feel.

When you walk in the door you stand in line to order.  While you wait you have to make the tough decision of what slice you want to eat.  They consider their pizza "slices of art" and there are many "masterpieces" in their gallery. The slices range from $4.95-$5.95, which might seem like a lot until you realize the slice is as big as a small personal size pizza. Lunch for right around $5-6 is great for the pocket book.

When you finally pick your "piece of art", you order your slice.

You grab you soda and find a seat while you wait, or you can watch the artists at work.

These pizzas are massive and you can tell by the size of pie pan.

He didn't know I was taking this shot and I caught him smiling.  Its great to eat food prepared by people who love what they do.
After the pizza is topped and ready to go they place it in a large brick oven.
When its ready it comes out like this massive pizza. You can actually order a pizza this size.  They call it the "Ginorma'.  Since each slice can be cut into 5-6 small pieces, this will serve (my guess) 8-12 people...depending on size of appetites of course.

Your order comes to you by the slice  And they slice the massive pieces of pizza's into manageable slices

My lunch consisted of four slices.
Each one of them is unique and has a great flavor. Picasso's bakes a great slice of pizza.  Yeah, I basically ate four mini pizza's for lunch.
If you are needing something sweet after your pizza, save some crust and grab some honey.  Their pizza crust dipped in honey is delicious.  It may sound weird but give it a try.

I snuck in a few shots of other people's choices.

For those who love or need to eat gluten friendly you have options...good ones.  Here is an example of of their gluten free pizzas.
For those of you who don't love pizza but love salads and sandwiches there are many choices for you.  Check out the entire menu here.

If you are craving pizza then try out Picasso's Pizzeria.  Don't mind me, I still finishing my four slices.

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