KWCH Realtor Advice: The Buyers Guide

Check out my latest edition of Realtor Advice featured on KWCH Channel 12.

Yes, it is spring. What tipped you off? Was it the sunshine and 80 degree weather?

For me, it was the number of sellers with houses popping up on the market and the flock of buyers eager to pounce on the home of their dreams. It's just one of the reasons that I love spring time.

In this segment of Realtor Advice we discuss some tips buyers should know for a successful house hunt. 

The key points:
- Formulate a plan. 
- Understand your home lifespan.
- Establish the deal breakers.
- Limit yourself.
- Evaluate maintenance.
- Jump on it.

So head on over to KWCH and check out the video. In case you missed the other two segments of Realtor Advice, you can find them here and here.

Have any questions or maybe some of your own advice for prospective buyers? Leave it in the comment section below.

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